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Commentaries from students and clients.

About the Course

"Even before we step onto a spiritual path, we have heard this a lot: know yourself. But how? And sometimes even a spiritual practice doesn’t necessarily make it easier. Numerology, however, can truly unfold what exactly is in us. I can never forget when I first learned this technology in Dharma Kaur’s course. I was so excited to think to myself, yes that’s me! What was more significant was that it since then made me stopped to think why I was different from others(which had haunted me for years) because I learned that THAT’S JUST ME! What a relief! Later when I talked to other students around me about this, I found that they shared the same feeling with me. We all agree that talking about knowing yourself, this is knowing ourselves! 


The more I learn about this technology, the more I find that how scientific, neutral it is. It shows where your strengths are and where you can work on. It never scares you. It gives you guidance without frightening you. It’s always there, with you, for you.


The way that Dharma Kaur teaches this technology, makes it very easy to follow. She has the big picture of the whole thing in mind, and at the same time notices the details. She is patient and graceful. What’s more, she always shows an example of keeping up.”

Pavanpreet Kaur, China



“A good tool to know yourself and grow in consciousness.”

Manuel Perez, Spain



"Für mich ist die Numerologie mit den entsprechenden Auswertungen "eine Basis" geworden. Bei Beratungen arbeite ich sehr intuitiv und von daher habe ich es auch "Verändernde Numerologie" genannt.  Auch dein Unterricht war für mich ein weiteres Grundwissen; und meine langjährige Berufs- und Lebenserfahrung ist für mich ein sehr wichtiger Bestandteil bei den numerologischen Beratungen.”


For me Numerology with its correspondent meanings has become a “basis”. I work very intuitively during sessions and that is why I have chosen to call it “Transformative Numerology”. Your Training was for me another fundamental Knowledgebase and my personal personal and professional experience is an important aspect during a Numerology Session.

Elke De Macq, Germany



"I did the Numerology training course with Dharma 4 years ago. I'm an Engineer and at that time I had a lot of doubts about this methodology. Nevertheless something touched me deeply during the course and I decided to test it. 

I work in Human Resources in a big company, and I'm in charge of some internship programs with young engineers, some of them currently employees, and Im also linked to education programs at the engineering schools. Moreover Im also coach of people "in" and "out" the company.   

I started using what Dharma taught us in my sessions and it was great!!!  

This is one of the most powerful tools that I've learnt to really boost deep, positive and real changes in companies and through it getting strong social impacts...a powerful tool to help people to grow up, getting self awareness and life consciousness...its lovely to help young people to think and build their life projects globally and people in general to plan useful changes . It's also powerful to understand  the different energy of the different groups and persons within the groups and important to lead and guide people in a better way with a better consciousness. 

Since 2015, Numerology was a super useful tool in my life. Firstly to understand deeply myself, my circunstances and also my learnings and life purpose and after driving my commitments and actions. In the other hand I've also have the opportunity to helped more than 120 people in their life and profesional paths.

And Im still learning!!! Every day!! and Im looking forward to go deeper and deeper to better use it.

Of course, now I strongly recommend this course.

From the bottom of my heart THANKS Dharma for giving me such a gift ....” 

Chus Diez, Spain

Growing up in a yogic tradition I always had an awareness of numbers and what they meant in a general sense and I always felt very connected to that. As the years went by I still kept coming back to these same numbers, seeing how they have an effect on different parts of our lives and how numbers keep repeating themselves throughout our life. What I didn't really realize, however, was that there is actually a deeper meaning of numbers within numbers and when you start to understand what that meaning is and relate it to the aspects of your own day of birth that you can really begin to get a lot of clarity about who you are as a person, why you are here, and what will give you fulfillment in this life. And so when I was drawn to attend Dharma Kaur's course first at first thought I'm not going to get very much out of it; I already know the numbers enough. But as we went through layer upon layer it took us all so much deeper. Learning about numbers in position with birth days as well as understanding the different cycles that affect us, the numbers just began to gain so much more meaning.


Every day in the class we went very deep into the numbers and cycles and I gained so much awareness about who I am, why I am this way, and how the numbers can help me operate in a way that I can really see my gifts, and also see where the numbers can present problem areas but also how I can work with my mind successfully. Which also relates to the yogic technology connection, the technology of the numbers and how we can affect change when we are given a set of numbers and we need to keep up and feel connected to and have purpose in our life. Dharma Kaur was a clear and methodical teacher. Very real and very direct. To help us relate to how the technology can help people now to be happier and more fulfilled. Be prepared for lots of note taking and brain overload some days!! Her stories were fantastic and doing number examples together in class was really fun. She was also subtle and knew when we needed a rest, and was always approachable both during and after the course which made it a pleasure to study with her. There is so much material and I have really taken a lot of time to absorb it, but each detail is so important to the whole.


All Blessings! Sat Nam.

Humbly yours, 
Guru Jaswant Kaur, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

About sessions

"Dharma, I just wanted to say thank you for your time and loving guidance yesterday... It is such a time of transformation and I soooo appreciate the guides and teachers helping me along the path. I was uplifted and felt seen and inspired to continue on- traversing through darkness to the Light.  I wasn't watching the clock and didn't mean to take more than an hour but I enjoyed and appreciated every minute of it!”



"You are a breath of fresh air, Dharma Kaur.” 



"Gracias Dharma Kaur por toda tu información...

Estoy escuchando tu grabación una y otra vez, y estoy captando y encauzando todos los mensajes que hay en ella.. Otra vez muchas gracias.”

Thank you DK for all your information… I am listening to your recording again and again and I am understanding and integrating all the messages that are there. Again, thank you very much.

A. G. - Spain


"Agradezco al Infinito de haberme puesto en tu camino ! Un ejemplo a seguir ... Me diste mucha fortaleza, confianza y ahora a trabajar todo el paquete !”

I thank the Infinite for having me put on your path! An example to follow… You gave me a lot of strength, confidence, and now: to work on the whole package!”

S.M.K. - Ecuador

"Ich hatte mit meiner Frau bei dir im Mai ein Coaching. 

Im Moment geht es mir grundsätzlich gut, nur habe ich keine gute Verbindung zu mir und meiner Gefühlswelt.

Ich möchte gern mit dir weiter arbeiten…”.

In May my wife and  I had a Coaching with you.

At the moment I am basically doing fine, but I am not in a good space with myself and my feelings. I would like to continue working with you…”.

A.F. - Berlin, Germany

"Danke dir nochmal ganz herzliche für das Skype Reading. Ich bin fleißig am üben und lernen. Mir wird sofort bewusst wenn ich anfange zu meckern oder mich aufrege, ich stoppe das sofort und öffne mein Herz und gehe in die Liebe. Alles ist entspannter, die Sorgen um meinen Hund sind weg, ich weiss, dass er gesund wird. Juhuuuu.

Thank you again so much for the Skype Reading. I am diligently practicing and learning. I am immediately aware when I start to complain or get stressed. I stop it immediately and open my heart and move into Love. Everything is more relaxed and my worries about my dog are also gone, I know he will be fine. Yeah!”

A.F. - Hamburg, Germany

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